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The 33D Invader
Directed byCash Chin
Written bySean Chan
Produced byCash Chin
StarringMacy Wu
Chen Chun-yan
Akiho Yoshizawa
Taka Kato
CinematographyRoss Clarkson
Edited byLee Kar-wing
Music byKenneth Tjon
Lin Ka-chun


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My Way Film

Distributed byMy Way Film

Release date

  • 6 October 2011 (Hong Kong)

Running time

82 minutes
CountryHong Kong

The 33D Invader (蜜桃成熟時33D) is a 2011 Hong Kong science fiction sex comedy film directed by Cash Chin. The film stars Macy Wu (whose bust size is exactly 33D, thus the name) as a girl named Future who has đồ sộ re-populate the human race after radiation attacks from the Xucker race have made 99% of men on Earth infertile in the year 2046. The film was released in Hong Kong on 6 October 2011 and was shown at Far East Film Festival in Udine. The film has received negative reviews.[citation needed]


A young woman named Future (Macy Wu) is sent from the year 2046 đồ sộ the year 2011 in Hong Kong. Future was sent by the United Nations in order đồ sộ get pregnant, so sánh she can then extract the genes and repopulate the Earth, as 99% of males have become infertile in the future due đồ sộ attacks from Planet Xucker. Two assassins from Xucker (Taka Kato and Ya-wen Hseh) are sent after her đồ sộ stop her. The assassins can turn people into sex zombies. Some of her friends got turned into zombies and they were turned against her. Future meets three university students: Felix (Justin Cheung), Dan-san (Andrew Kwok) and Sing (Tsui Ho-cheong). The men are obsessed with female students next door: Chin-chin (Akiho Yoshizawa), Chen-chen (Monna Lam) and Sai-sai (Chen Chih-ying). The students agree đồ sộ help Future find a mate at the university.[1]

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The film has an international cast with Chinese actress Macy Wu as Future, Taiwanese male lead of Chen Chun-yan as the lead role of Long and two Japanese AV idols (Akiho Yoshizawa as Chin-chin and Akiho and Taka Kato as a Xucker male assassin.[1] Despite the film title, it is not a 3 chiều film.[1]

Chinese model Macy Wu stated she took on the role of Future as she felt director Cash Chin "filmed women in a beautiful way".[2] Wu reportedly beat model Mavis Pan đồ sộ the role.[2]


The 33D Invader's director Cash Chin is known for creating Category III sexploitation films in Hong Kong such as Sex & Zen II (1996) and the sequels đồ sộ the film Crazy Love.[1] Derek Elley of Film Business Asia described the style of The 33D Invader as "a harmless, silly-arse Cantonese youth comedy with lots of nudity and a couple of gross-out visual gags".[1] A review in Twitch Film described the first half of the film as "a typical eighties student sex comedy, "Porky's" style" and that the science fiction "girl-from-the-future plot only kicks in when the film reaches its halfway point."[3]

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The film was released theatrically in Hong Kong on 6 October 2011.[1] The film was screened at the 14th Udine Far East Festival in Italy in 2012.[4][5] The film grossed a total of $302,387 in Hong Kong where it peaked at the fourth highest-grossing film in the region on its second week of release.[6]

A Blu-ray Disc of the film was released in Region A by Kam & Ronson. The disc contains Cantonese and Mandarin languages and English subtitles.[3]


Film Business Asia gave the film a rating of three out of ten, calling it a "Lame softcore sex comedy" and that the best thing about the film apart from the lead of Macy Wu was "the title".[1] A review from Twitch Film opined that it was "a pretty terrible film" but stated that the character's (portrayed by Akiho Yoshizawa and Chen Chih Ying) "willingness...đồ sộ disrobe at the slightest provocation, and occasionally even đồ sộ cause provocation, makes the film a not all-together arduous experience."[7]


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