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There’s a new way to tướng DELIVER television and it will change the way you think of TV.

Experience all your personally picked TV channels on iOS or Android devices, Apple or Fire TV players, and Android Smart TV’s. It’s as easy as 1. 2. 3.  to tướng get you started.

Choose your streaming package based on how many devices you want to tướng watch at once.


2 Streams
• watch 2 devices at a time

5 complimentary DVR hours
39 Essential Channels
Restart & Replay
Channels to tướng Go


3 Streams
• watch 3 devices at a time
100 DVR hours
39 Essential Channels
Restart & Replay
Channels to tướng Go


4 Streams
• watch 4 devices at a time

200 DVR hours
39 Essential Channels
Restart & Replay
Channels to tướng Go

Essential Channels

ABC DetroitCPACNBC Seattle
ABC SeattleCTV HalifaxOLA
AMI (radio)CTV KitchenerOMNI 1
CBC St. JohnsCTV VancouverOmni 2
CBC TorontoCTV Two AtlanticPBS Buffalo
CBC VancouverCTV Two LondonPBS Detroit
CBS Detroit FOX Detroit PBS Seattle
CBS SeattleFOX SeattleTSC
Channel ONE Global HalifaxTV Ontario
CHCHGlobal TorontoWeather Network
City TV TorontoGlobal VancouverYES TV
City TV VancouverNBC Detroit
GlobalICI RDITVA Montreal

ADD Streams – $5/mo. each to tướng a maximum of 4

CHOOSE 100 DVR hrs – $6/mo.
CHOOSE 200 DVR hrs – $12/mo.

ADD TV Channels
Packages or Pick ‘n Pay

Add Channels

Complete TV Package

The 57 Channels & Music in these smaller packages làm đẹp Complete TV.

Channels in Complete Package

A & EGame TVSportsnet Ontario
AMCGolf ChannelSportsnet East
APTNHGTVSportsnet West
BBC WorldHistorySportsnet Pacific
Cartoon NetworkHLNTCM
CBC NewsKTLA 5Teletoon
CNNMuch MusicTreehouse
CP24my38 (WSBK)TSN 1
CTV ComedyNFL NetworkTSN 2
CTV Drama ChannelNickelodeonTSN 3
CTV Sci-Fi ChannelNTVTSN 4
Discovery ChannelOLNTSN 5
DTOURParamount NetworkVision
DW AmerikPeachtreeWGN
Food NetworkSlice
FOX Sports RacingSportsnet ONE
MUSIC: 75 Stingray ChannelsRadio Stations

Streaming CHANNELS-TO-GO in the Complete Package

TSN GO  |  Sportsnet NOW  |  CTV Drama  |  CTV Sci-Fi  |  CTV Comedy  |  A&E  |  Global  |  HGTV  |  Showcase  |  History  |  Slice  |  Food Network  |  E!  |  CNN  |  HLN  |  Stingray

Most channels are available on Pick’n Pay

Enjoy series, movies, sports and news. Control your viewing experience with features you’ll love.


Maneuver through your program. Rewind to tướng the beginning or just what you missed.

Every streaming package comes with at least 5 hours of recording time. Programs are stored in our cloud servers, ví you can find and watch your recording from any of your devices.

Never miss the beginning of a show again. Restart your program from the beginning. Many channel providers allow you to tướng Replay a previous live program up to tướng 36 hours after it aired.

Scroll through nội dung gathered in menus or use the tìm kiếm feature to tướng find a specific channel, program or movie. OR, use the traditional GUIDE to tướng navigate through your subscribed channels.

Watch channels lượt thích Discovery, Food, CTV, HGTV, Sportsnets OUT of HOME (OOH) – anywhere in Canada. Added value for your television service. Over 100 channels available for OOH watching. 

Providers determine if OOH is available on their channels. You use streams from your package to tướng watch TV OOH.

View our FULL Channel Line-up with information on features lượt thích RESTART,  REPLAY, or OOH.

You’re READY to tướng GO!

Learn more about your NEW service:

Get Started Video  |  Welcome Guide |  FAQ’s 

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Terms & conditions

*Xstream TV is provided over the Hay Communications Network to tướng your home page network. Internet connectivity from Hay is required. If you bởi not have mạng internet service, there is a monthly $5 fee to tướng connect you to tướng our network and you must rent a set-top box in order to tướng view the service

Minimum 30 day charge on all packages and channels.