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Zingarans are the people of Zingara.

History and politics[]

Zingarans descend from a band of primitives, who were distant relatives đồ sộ the Shemites, who settled the valley of Zingg and there evolved an advanced agricultural system. However they were invaded by the nearby Picts who settled among them, creating a mixed race. These were later conquered by one of the Hyborian tribes, who founded the kingdom.

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The proud Zingarans often revolted against Aquilonia, despite a savage retaliation. Zingaran mercenaries contributed đồ sộ the western armies against the Hyrkanian invasion.

When Zingara was attacked by the Picts, thousands of Zingarans fled the slaughter into Argos, only đồ sộ be captured by westward-sweeping Hyrkanians, who resettled them near Zamora.

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When the Hyrkanian empire fell đồ sộ the Nordics, many of surviving Hyrkanians guided the Zingarans and Zamorians into the east with them, were settled together forming a mixed race. From those came the gypsies.

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Population and culture[]

The brown-skinned people of Zingara are proud and commonly wear mustaches. They are known for chivalry and exotic habits.

Zingarans have mixed with the southern Aquilonians, especially those in Poitain. Admixture has been extensive in Argos, resulting đồ sộ strong Zingaran strain.[1]

The Zingarans are by nature neither explorers nor colonists. Zingarans wield swords with power and effect, swearing prodigiously, and are quite oblivious đồ sộ all wounds except those instantly fatal. Armor and garments are rich and ornate, after the fashion of a Zingaran grandee.


  • King Rimanendo (assassinated by guards hoping đồ sộ gain favor with Mordermi)
  • King Mordermi (thrown off parapet by Conan and torn đồ sộ shreds by an angry mob)
  • King Ferdrugo
  • Princess Chabela
  • Duke Villagro
  • Count Valenso Korzetta
  • Belesa - his niece
  • Galbro
  • Black Zarono
  • Bloody Tranicos


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