About CPT

About CPT

Established in 2013 under Decision No. 43/QĐ-ĐHQG-TCCB of Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City, the Center for Predoctoral Training (CPT) is among the youngest that is striving to become the most dynamic and reliable member of the Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City in Viet Nam that consistently responds to the nation’s urgent demand for preparing leaders and scholars in a vast range of disciplines, especially education in accordance with Project 911 to educate up to 20,000 Doctorates by the year 2020. The Center is making the maximum efforts to attain dual purposes, which include but are not limited to intellectual excellence and a wealth of both language and research skills.


CPT is not just a globally-focused learning but also vibrant and supportive and environment that shapes how students learn, research and lead in their prospective fields of expertise. Put it another way, our work is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and turns the brightest learners into world-class ethical leaders whose profound knowledge, skills and passion can extraordinarily contribute to the world. It is through the calibre of researchers and academics as well as innovative professional programs that CPT is more than willing to offer students with an abundance of varied academic experience and cutting-edge knowledge to be applicable to real world situations.

The Center is proudly made up of an absolute 100% of dedicated lecturers and staff members who hold Master, Doctorate and higher qualifications in order to ensure the ultimate educational quality where ideas and practice meet. Our passionate and curious people originate from regions across the world and country whose diverse experiences and backgrounds can be of greatest benefits to our students. In addition, the Center is a student-friendly space that allows for a closer student-professor relationship rather than a conventional similar one that still remains a big gap. The Center is fulfilling the vital needs to become both Viet Nam’s Number 1 Center for Predoctoral Training and create a distinctive impact on the world of education.

CPT is in charge of hands-on training, student counseling and support services, scholarship managing, and network establishments with other leading worldwide institutions as well as CPT’s alumni.

With reference to the primary areas of training, CPT thoroughly equips future Master and PhD candidates with essential knowledge and skills, such as academic skills, research methods, foundation knowledge, foreign languages, and culture integration that facilitate their courses and research both overseas and in Vietnam. In addition, CPT’s students are well taken care of by our greatest supporting team in terms of their academic and research work in three stages, namely pre-departure, mobility and upon their graduation.

Our People
thay_10_Small.jpg Le Trung Hieu

Director of CPT

anh tu Vu Phan Tu
Standing Vice Director of CPT

Vice Director of Academic Affairs Department, VNU-HCM

Doctor of Power Systems, Czech

Postdoc, U.S


Huynh Quoc Viet

Manager of Administrative Affairs

Doctor of Electronic Engineering, Thailand

home2 Nguyen Huu Nghia


Dip, Business Economics, France

Vu Thi Bich Thuy Vu Thi Bich Thuy


Dip, TESOL, Australia

7360_10200768809721007_1307881183_n_1.jpg Doan Ngoc Minh Huong


Master of Business Administration, Singapore

  • An active and reliable member of Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City with high quality certificate issuance.
  • Internationally- and regionally- recognized degrees from an active member of the Viet Nam’s top-ranked university.
  • Professionally- relevant and industry-focused degree.
  • Research-led professional development.
  • Country-leading renowned researchers and academics as well as excellent foreign lecturers to join the academic team. 100% of researchers and lecturers have Master’s degrees and higher.
  • Extraordinarily reliable test preparation programs with express achievement guaranteed.