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Course description:

Academic skills are an integral and essential part of the academic performance that substantially contributes to the accomplishment of the students’ academic work. Therefore, this course is divided into two parts focusing on the key areas of academic skills in order to help students learn how to become more effective learners with the skills that will be of great value now and in the future.

Key components of Study skills:

-    Oral Presentation

-    Group discussion

-    Note-taking

-    Reading effectively

-    Critical thinking

-    Assignment-and-test taking

-    Dealing with stress

-    Time management

-    Budget management

Key components of Computing Skills:

-    Word

-    Excel

-    Power Point

-    SPSS

-    Endnote 





Course description:

The course is intended for students interested in developing research expertise. Students will be introduced to in-depth educational research which includes research designs and methodologies, survey designs, data collection and employment of statistical analysis in data analysis.

Key components of this course:

-    Research Proposal

-    Research Methods 1(Quantitative)

-    Research Methods 2 (Qualitative)

-    Research Reading

-    Thesis Writing: Writing a Literature Review

-    Thesis Writing: Paraphrasing,  Referencing, & Plagiarism

-    Thesis Writing: Survey and Questionnaire Designs

-    Thesis Writing: Methods of Data Collection & Analyses

-    ICT in Research

-    Journal Article Writing & Publication 



Course description:

In this course, students will be exposed to essential and basic knowledge that facilitates their academic and research performance. The program offers a wide range of disciplines that enable students to fill the gap of foundation knowledge in their foreign language.

Key components of this course:

- Natural Sciences

- Social sciences






Course description:

Foreign language acquisition is a crucial demand for any candidates inspired to pursue their qualifications and research in other languages rather than their first language. The program, therefore, aims at improving students’ language proficiency in such languages as English, French, Japanese, Chinese, German, etc.,


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Course description:

Culture integration is of great importance and value to students taking their courses and conducting research overseas. In this manner, students will be exposed to the new culture that might be dramatically different from that in their homeland. This program, therefore, will prepare students to deter themselves from culture shock or any troubles they might face when traveling abroad.


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