About CPT

About CPT


On February 2nd, 2012, the President of Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh city (VNUHCM) – Prof. Huynh Thanh Dat – signed Decision No. 43/QĐ-ĐHQG-TCCB to establish Center for Predoctoral Training (CPT). This decision was made to achieve three objectives:

1. To train 20,000 lecturers up to doctorate within the 10-year period, from 2010 to 2020, in accordance to the basis of Project 911/QĐ-TTg (commenced by Ministry of Education and Training on June 17th, 2010).

2. To enhance the quality of research conducted within the university, so that VNUHCM can become one of the best universities within ASEAN and in the world

3. To enhance the quality of training as well as the quantity of qualified and competent graduates, who can make positive contributions to Vietnam, as we have been preparing for the integration into ASEAN Economic Community


With the aforementioned objectives in mind, CPT is responsible for four main areas:

Training: CPT constructs and organizes a Predoctoral training program as well as other short courses for postgraduate students, lecturers, and staff of educational organizations as well as any other individual who wishes to conduct their own empirical studies. Such Predoctoral training program and other courses have been designed to provide advanced research skills to support our participants. At CPT, we guarantee the a high level of quality training as the lecturers we employ are all qualified doctors who have received extensive trainings from multiple prestigious universities in the world. By join our program, you can:

  • Learn new/advanced research techniques and practice applying them
  • Learn how to identify research gaps to develop and write a research proposal
  • Learn strategies to write a scientific paper
  • Learn ways to defend your research projects
  • Learn about ethics when conducting a research projects
  • Learn how to use and apply software to optimize the efficiency

Scholarships: VNUHCM has connections with numerous prestigious universities in the world and CPT is the main scholarship distributor of VNUHCM. Here, we frequently update information regarding scholarships to inform our participants. Thus, those who participate in our programs have an edge in finding the best scholarships.

Academic support: We provide support to those who need help identify a research question or conduct a research project. In particular, by contacting us and describing your specific needs, we can introduce several researchers or lecturers who are experts in their field that can be of value to you.

Establishing connections: We have good connections with multiple universities within Vietnam. Such good connections enable us to make our services become more accessible to you. We are willing to organize a Predoctoral training program exclusively for your own organization, as well as other courses or academic seminars.


CPT is part of VNUHCM, one of the two biggest and most prestigious educational organizations in Vietnam. Thus, certificates provided by us are highly reliable. Moreover, as mentioned, VNUHCM has multiple connections with many universities in the world, especially in the USA, Australia, the UK and Canada; hence, our certificate can help strengthen your applications when you want to apply to universities abroad.

CPT is one of the first organizations established in South Vietnam that focuses on improving research skills. Our training programs were constructed by researchers who have had many years of experience, and we often revise the structure to meet new demands. Moreover, we only employ the best lecturers who have undergone extensive training in many different universities all over the world. Hence, there should be no doubt when it comes to the quality of our courses.

When constructing our training programs, our ambitions are not only to offer our participants a strong foundation but also to inspire them to conduct high quality studies that meet the international standards of research that are of values not only Vietnam but also the world.

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